Project update

Josh Newlove
Project lead

The Council has now held nine global dialogues on multiple themes as part of the dementia landscape project. We organised four more dialogues as part of this series that took place over this autumn, on the topics of non-amyloid targets for disease modification, psychosocial research, lived experiences of dementia, and early career scientists.

The dialogues have so far gathered over 350 international experts to reflect on where we have come from, where we are now and what the next steps are to help realize the 2025 goals. Drawing on these expert insights, the dialogues are helping us prepare a report that will be published next month at the Summit 2021 taking place in London in December. We have greatly appreciated hearing from those working across the dementia community as part of this project and look forward to ongoing engagement as part of the series schedule.

There will be more updates and announcements in the news section below as the project continues. If you would like to get in touch with us about the project, please contact Josh Newlove, External Affairs Manager, using the adjacent link.


About the project

The dementia landscape project is a global initiative by the WDC to review international progress towards the 2025 dementia goals. At the dementia summit in 2013, G7 governments pledged to work together to make substantial advances in research, care, awareness-raising and prevention by 2025. The Council itself was established following the summit with the aim of supporting and challenging the international community to deliver on their commitments.

Later this year, the Council along with global partners will hold a summit to once again bring together the international community to reflect on progress made and to launch a dementia landscape report. It will assess the advances and identify how governments, international organizations and the dementia community can help accelerate progress. Since 2013 the collective efforts of governments, academia, industry, care providers, research funders, advocates and many others have made significant strides on the right path. Our continued collective efforts will further help advance the cause.

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