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Who we are

Dementia is one of the most urgent global health challenges and is not solvable by any one country, organisation or individual alone.

Established after the G8 dementia summit in December 2013, the World Dementia Council unites leading experts from across the global dementia community including researchers, academics, non-governmental organisations, industry, regulators, public sector and people living with dementia with the shared ambition to find solutions to this devastating condition.

With 24 members across six continents, the World Dementia Council has a unique role to play in changing the course of dementia and supporting millions of people living with this devastating disease.

Our vision

We aim to achieve a world where society, governments, industry, researchers and health and care systems have worked together to transform the prospects for people affected by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia so that the diseases no longer destroy lives in the way they do today.