Office of Health Economics R&D in dementia report published

In order to achieve the G8 Summit Commitment to finding a disease-modifying therapy or cure for dementia by 2025, it became clear that steps would need to be taken to ‘mitigate the market failure’ that is undermining dementia research and drug development efforts. The ‘Integrated Development’ initiative was therefore established, with the leadership of Independent Expert Raj Long (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Dementia Council member) in order to assess what collaborative efforts could be undertaken in the regulatory space to create a more conducive environment for dementia drug development.

As a result, in November 2014, the UK brought together a group of 11 international regulators from 10 authorities who agreed to work collaboratively to address the growing challenge facing dementia research and drug development. The regulators agreed to lead different areas of work. The UK Department of Health undertook to lead work on attrition analysis – to examine the factors that trigger termination of drug development. This report was commissioned by the UK Department of Health and provides independent analysis by Imperial College London.

We would like to thank the Office for Health Economics, Imperial College London and the Clinical and Technical Expert Group (CTEG) for providing this independent analysis. You can view the Office of Health Economics Research Report – Dementia The R&D Landscape.