World Dementia Council

The World Dementia Council was established by the G8 at the London summit. Its role is to challenge and support the international decision makers to keep up momentum on dementia and to bring together international stakeholders to galvanize and amplify efforts. Through international advocacy, international leadership and building global networks the Council helps keep dementia on the international agenda.

Our Members

The World Dementia Council (WDC) has 24 members working across six continents. WDC’s members attend WDC meetings, vote on key issues and chair or participate in WDC’s global teams.
  • Harry Johns
    Harry Johns
    WDC Chair and Trustee
  • Jeremy Hughes
    Jeremy Hughes
    WDC Vice Chair and Trustee
  • Professor Ricardo F. Allegri, MD, PhD
    Professor Ricardo F. Allegri, MD, PhD
    WDC Member
  • Professor Philippe Amouyel - MD, PhD
    Professor Philippe Amouyel, MD, PhD
    WDC Member
  • Samantha Budd Haeberlein, PhD
    Samantha Budd Haeberlein, PhD
    WDC Member
  • Hilary Doxford
    Hilary Doxford
    WDC Member
  • Kiki Edwards
    Kiki Edwards
    WDC Member
  • Phyllis Ferrell
    Phyllis Ferrell
    WDC Member
  • Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg
    Margaret A. Hamburg, MD
    WDC Member
  • Paul Hogan
    Paul Hogan
    WDC Member
  •  Yves Joanette PhD, FCAHS, WDC
    Yves Joanette PhD, FCAHS
    WDC Member
  •  Kiyoshi Kurokawa, MD, PhD
    Kiyoshi Kurokawa, MD, PhD
    WDC Member
  • Chris Llewellyn
    Chris Llewellyn
    WDC Member
  • Raj Long
    Raj Long
    WDC Member
  • Tetsuyuki (Tetsu) Maruyama, PhD
    Tetsuyuki (Tetsu) Maruyama, PhD
    WDC Member
  • Professor Pierluigi Nicotera, PhD
    Professor Pierluigi Nicotera, PhD
    WDC Member
  • Meera Pattabiraman
    Meera Pattabiraman
    WDC Member and Trustee
  • Ronald C. Petersen, MD, PhD
    Ronald C. Petersen, MD, PhD
    WDC Member
  • Lorna Sabbia
    Lorna Sabbia
    WDC Member
  • Lisa Rometty
    Lisa Rometty
    WDC Member
  • Kusumadewi (DY) Suharya
    Kusumadewi (DY) Suharya
    WDC Member
  • Kate Swaffer
    Kate Swaffer
    WDC Member
  • Li-Yu Tang
    Li-Yu Tang
    WDC Member
  • George Vradenburg
    George Vradenburg
    WDC Member and Trustee
  • Council meetings

    The council has 24 members drawn from around the world as well as associate members representing governments and international organisations such as the OECD and WHO. The Council meets twice a year. Since it was established the council has met twelve times to review the international dementia agenda and progress towards the 2025 ambitions. 

  • Executive Team

    The World Dementia Council has an Executive Team led by Lenny Shallcross the Executive Director

  • Our Work Priorities

    December 2018 will mark the fifth anniversary of the London summit. Throughout 2018 the World Dementia Council is reviewing what has happened since the 2013 summit in these key areas and identifying key actions needed to accelerate progress.