• WDC executive director Lenny Shallcross joined Ian Stuart (CEO, HSBC UK) and Jacqueline Hoogendam (Dutch government) at this year's Dementia Forum X, to assess the progress already made by dementia friendly initiatives globally, and what action is still to be taken.

    The WDC recently launched a project to lead...

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    Published date: 31st May 2019 by World Dementia Council
  • The World Dementia Council is leading an international network of organisations to present the global evidence base for the delivery of meaningful Dementia Friendly Initiatives (DFIs). In launching this new project, we have teamed up with charities, businesses, academic research organisations and people affected by dementia to build the narrative...

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    Published date: 21st May 2019 by World Dementia Council
  • Key government leaders including former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock MP, Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Hugo de Jonge, OECD Deputy Secretary General Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen, and Japanese Assistant Minister for Health and Welfare Kenji Suwazono...

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    Published date: 5th December 2018 by World Dementia Council