The World Dementia Council was established by the G8 at the London summit and its role is to challenge and support the international decision makers to keep up momentum on dementia and to bring together international stakeholders to galvanize and amplify efforts. It is an international charity based in London with an Executive Team supported by a council of 24 senior leaders drawn from research, academia, industry and civil society. As an organization committed to giving voice to people living with dementia the council includes people living with and affected by dementia. Through international advocacy, international leadership and building global networks the WDC helps keep dementia on the international agenda.

  • Our members

    The World Dementia Council has 24 members working across six continents. Council members are global leaders who work in research, academia, industry and civil society. The Council also includes members who are living with dementia. 

  • Our associate members

    Our associate members represent national governments, organizations such as the OECD and WHO and other international organizations. They help to ensure that WDC’s agenda aligns with other global dementia initiatives, providing the Council with important advice, guidance and intelligence.