World Federation of Science Journalists dementia website launched

The World Federation of Science Journalists’ (WFSJ) new website on dementia,, which WDC has contributed to and is an active partner in, went live on the 1st June 2017.

The WFSJ dementia website is designed to be a toolkit for journalists in low or middle income countries (LMICs), providing them with the information they need to gather and report dementia related news and information accurately and sensitively.

The website’s first focus is on Sub-Saharan Africa and it contains plenty of useful information on the impact of the disease, including specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa, for journalists and other visitors to the site. This includes a wealth of facts and figures and information on signs and symptoms and the costs of dementia, as well as on the global response to the disease.

There are also links to other websites and resources, including WDC’s website, and many helpful tips for journalists, for when they are interacting with those affected by dementia and reporting on the disease. The plan is to grow and develop the WFSJ website to include information on and for other LMICs.

WDC’s Chair Yves Joanette says, “WDC is delighted to be an active partner in the new WFSJ dementia website and we warmly welcome its launch. We are sure that the website will become an invaluable resource for journalists, enabling them to become better informed about dementia and to effectively communicate news and information about the disease to their audiences.

We hope that the website will help to raise the profile of dementia in Sub-Saharan Africa and other low or middle income countries, so that more people are made aware of the disease, including its signs and symptoms, and that those affected by dementia seek appropriate help and assistance.”