WHO’s Executive Board endorses its global action plan on dementia

Yves Joanette and Raj Long, the chair and vice-chair of the World Dementia Council, have warmly welcomed the decision by the World Health Organization’s Executive Board to endorse its global action plan on dementia. The plan is now expected to be formally adopted by the World Health Organization in May.

Yves Joanette and Raj Long say: “This is an important landmark for global collaboration against dementia. We can now be confident that governments and societies across the world will be provided with the best advice about their own approach to dementia and that they will be held to account for their response. Governments, experts and voluntary organizations have come together to promote and endorse a new global dementia plan and the World Dementia Council is proud to have played its role in supporting this collaborative approach.

“We would strongly urge all stakeholders to review the draft action plan and to consider how they can contribute to its implementation. We will certainly be doing so. Dementia is much too big a problem for anyone to tackle alone. We all have to play our part in pursuing a truly global solution.”