Review project to host satellite event in Los Angeles, US

As part of our ongoing review project, the WDC is co-hosting a satellite roundtable event in Los Angeles, US, on 16 July 2019 with AARP to discuss the evidence base for delivering dementia friendly initiatives. This is the first satellite roundtable the project will hold (with more to follow soon) and takes place alongside AAIC19. It aims to bring together stakeholders from across the world to discuss how dementia friendly programs are simultaneously seeking to change society whilst providing support for people with dementia.

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During 2019 the World Dementia Council is leading an international network of organisations to present the global evidence base for the delivery of meaningful Dementia Friendly Initiatives (DFIs). Recently launched, the project is now gathering evidence from across the international dementia community, including people affected by dementia, charities, businesses, academic research organisations, and government and non-government organisations, to build the narrative on why communities across the world must deliver DFIs.

The WDC is proud to be partnering with Alzheimer’s Society (UK), AARP (US), HGPI (Japan), all from nations at the forefront of pioneering dementia friendly initiatives since 2013, and each uniquely placed to bring together policy and evidence from around the world. We are also pleased to be collaborating with ADI, as well as the WHO which is developing a toolkit to provide key support to member nations looking to develop dementia friendly communities.

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