Progress on the Argentinian Dementia Plan

World Dementia Council chair, Dr Yves Joanette, was pleased to give a talk and discuss the global work against dementia at the Ministry of Health in the Argentine Republic this week. He also met with World Dementia Council Member Dr Ricardo Allegri and with Drs Blake, Bustin and Roman, who supported the preparation and launch of the Argentinian Dementia Plan last November. Participants at the Ministry of Health were from all stakeholders that will be involved in the implementation of the plan, including ALMA, the Argentinian Alzheimer’s Association.

Yves Joanette said, “It is great news to see the enthusiasm and commitment of our friends and colleagues in Argentina as they start work on the implementation of their new dementia strategy. On behalf of the World Dementia Council I was pleased to offer our thanks to the many people who worked so hard to build the strategy, and who will be working even harder to make its proposals real. Dementia is one of the most urgent global health challenges, and the challenge is felt particularly in the Argentine which has long had the proportion of its people aged 65 and older considerable higher than the world average.”