Calls to action

  • G7 countries should mobilise funding for dementia research, and task independent organisations to publish regular research funding statistics for each country. A commitment to increase research funding needs to be taken up by the G20.
  • G7 and G20 countries should establish agreed rules on cross-border data sharing to foster health research and innovation, such as in the case of dementia. Countries committing to common health data standards that ensure the interoperability of health data and protect patients’ privacy, in line with the OECD Council Recommendation on Data Governance
  • The European Commission should review the impact of GDPR to ensure that it is not an unintended barrier to dementia research.
  • National governments should undertake a concerted effort to recruit for clinical trials, including setting a recruitment number target and supporting the work of WHO and others to include patients in LMICs in trials.
  • International organisations such as WHO should facilitate global coordination of research efforts to reduce fragmentation, promote good practice exchange, optimise resource utilisation and open access to data, build capacity to translate existing findings into action, and strengthen research in LMICs.