Finance global team

Our Finance team aims to catalyse an increase of global levels of public and private financing and investment into dementia research and help enhance its effectiveness, including by identifying funding approaches from other disease areas.

Finance Team

Global Team Lead: Chris Llewellyn
Team Members: Kiki Edwards; Jeremy Hughes; George Vradenburg; William Hu; Luc Truyen

Aims of the group

  • To catalyse an increase in global levels of public and private financing and investment into dementia research, and to help enhance its effectiveness.

Current work priorities

  • Designing and promoting a research funding dashboard, using existing data to highlight global disparities between funding gaps and funds that are already available to tackle dementia.
  • Identifying existing and/or innovative funding models and approaches from other disease areas, e.g. cancer and HIV etc., and determining how these can be applied to the field of dementia.
  • Bringing together key figures to disseminate the dashboard and related intelligence around funding models, as a means of influencing the behaviour of funders in reducing and eliminating funding disparities and enhancing effectiveness.

Our finance global team members

Our Finance team is led by WDC member Chris Llewellyn, who works with an expert and experienced global team of WDC members and associate members.
  • Chris Llewellyn
    Chris Llewellyn
    WDC Member
  • Kiki Edwards
    Kiki Edwards
    WDC Member
  • Jeremy Hughes
    Jeremy Hughes
    WDC Vice Chair and Trustee
  • George Vradenburg
    George Vradenburg
    WDC Member and Trustee
  • William Hu
    William Hu
    World Young Leaders in Dementia
  • Luc Truyen
    Team Member