We achieve change through building global networks of individuals and organisations in key priority areas. Networks are brought together through international summits and events to facilitate better collaboration. Together we agree to share goals and raise the profile of tackling dementia internationally.

  • Summit 2019: Tokyo

    On 18 October 2019, global leaders and the international dementia community reconvened in Tokyo, Japan for the WDC's one-day, high-level summit, organised with Janssen Neuroscience and the Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI).

  • FT dementia summit 2019

    The WDC partnered with the Financial Times for a dementia summit in London on 18 September 2019. We explored the latest advances in diagnosis and treatments, whilst addressing the challenges facing those responsible for bringing new ideas to life.

  • Summit 2018: London

    On 5 December 2018, global leaders and the international dementia community came together once again in London, UK for the WDC's five-year progress summit, organised with the Wellcome Trust and Janssen Neuroscience.