We provide global leadership through developing evidence of best practice. From hosting issue-specific conferences to publishing reviews, our global resources help enable others to deliver evidence-based change.

  • Presenting a global evidence base for dementia friendly initiatives

    We are publishing a series of papers over the autumn reflecting on evidence underpinning the impact of dementia friendly initiatives. The project received examples from across government, civil society, business, and people living with dementia – from all six continents of the world.

  • Global care statement

    All persons affected by dementia – those living with the diseases that cause it, their care partners, and their family and friends – have a right to receive the highest quality care and support possible to meet their needs. But today too many people struggle to access good quality care. In May 2017 the WDC developed a global consensus statement on good quality care.

  • Review 2017

    The World Dementia Council produced a review in March 2017 taking stock of the evolution of the organisation. It details the steps taken to enhance our ability to fulfil our remit of leading the global fight against dementia.

  • Finding a path for the cure

    In July 2015 WDC member Raj Long published an independent report into an integrated approach to dementia research. Raj is Senior Regulatory Officer (Integrated Development), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Director, Integrated Development, UK Department of Health.