We work to keep dementia on the international agenda. Because only through greater global collaboration will it be defeated. No one country or individual alone can meet what is the biggest health challenge facing the international community.

  • Dementia landscape project

    The World Dementia Council has launched a new global project to review international progress towards the 2025 dementia goals. We will be holding a number of virtual workshops over the autumn covering a range of themes including research, care, and brain health/prevention. The events will help inform a report, which will be launched at a summit in 2021.

  • Defeating dementia: the road to 2025

    Launched in December 2018, the WDC produced a five-year progress report to focus on the international community’s work towards the 2025 dementia goals. These goals are focused around four key areas: a disease-modifying therapy, living well, care, and reducing the impact of dementia. The report provides a review of what has happened in each area – what advances have been made, where activity has lagged, and what action the international community needs to take to accelerate progress.