• Dementia landscape project

    The World Dementia Council has launched a global project to review international progress towards the 2025 dementia goals. We are holding a number of global dialogues covering a range of themes, and the events are helping inform a report which will be launched at a summit in 2021.

  • Presenting a global evidence base for dementia friendly initiatives

    We are publishing a series of papers over the autumn reflecting on evidence underpinning the impact of dementia friendly initiatives. The project received examples from across government, civil society, business, and people living with dementia – from all six continents of the world.

  • Our work

    The World Dementia Council helps change the lives of people with dementia by securing change through our projects, events and publications. Through the collaborative strength of governments, industry, researchers and health and social care systems all working together we can transform the prospects for people affected by dementia in all its forms, so that the disease no longer negatively impacts on lives in the way it does today.