To help inform the report, a number of global dialogues are being held, which are gathering international experts to reflect on where we have come from, where we are now and what the next steps are to help realize the 2025 goals. The dialogues are helping the Council prepare the report, drawing on the insight from experts in the field.

The Council has greatly appreciated hearing from those working across the dementia community as part of this project and looks forward to ongoing events as part of the project schedule.

  • Global dialogue on health systems readiness and dementia

    Wednesday 7 July 2021


    A global dialogue on dementia and health systems readiness took place on 7 July 2021 and gathered international leaders to discuss this area of focus as part of the dementia landscape project. The dialogue was led by Dr Margaret Hamburg, former Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration and member of the World Dementia Council, and Professor Howard Bergman, Professor of Family Medicine, Medicine (Geriatrics), and Oncology at McGill University.

  • Global dialogue on dementia and an ageing society

     Wednesday 30 June 2021


    A global dialogue on dementia and an ageing society took place on 30 June 2021 and was co-chaired by Professor Shekhar Saxena, Professor of the Practice of Global Mental Health at Harvard and a member of the World Dementia Council, and Sarah Lock, Senior Vice President for Policy at AARP.

  • Global dialogue on data sharing for dementia research

    Wednesday 9 June 2021


    Co-chaired by Dr Lara Mangravite and Dr Tetsu Maruyama, this global dialogue explored advances made and the challenges that remain in data sharing for dementia research. Presentations were given on introductory themes by Alzheimer Europe's Dr Angela Bradshaw, HRD UK's Professor Andrew Morris, and the NIA's Dr Suzana Petanceska.

  • Global dialogue on dementia in low- and middle-income countries

    Thursday 11 March 2021


    Co-chaired by Paola Barbarino and Meera Pattabiraman, this global dialogue assessed what is to be done about ongoing and emerging challenges in developing regions of the world. Introductory presentations were delivered by Dr Paul Kiwanuka-Mukiibi (Uganda), Professor Francisco Lopera (Colombia), and Dr Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath (India).

  • Global dialogue on clinical trials

    Tuesday 9 March 2021


    Co-chaired by Dr Maria Carrillo and Professor Philip Scheltens, this global dialogue was a follow up to the first which convened in November 2020. Professor Jeffrey Cummings introduced thoughts on the challenges and progress in clinical trials, and brief reflections were given from Dr Mark Mintun on Eli Lilly's Donanemab trial as an exemplar of the evolving design of clinical trials.

  • Global dialogue on technology for dementia

    Thursday 4 March 2021


    Co-chaired by Jeremy Hughes and Vaibhav Narayan, this global dialogue explored technology in prevention and the maintenance of brain health, technology to maintain and improve daily function, and technology that assists in the provision of patient-centred health and social care. Presenting their thinking on these topics was Dr Amanda Lazar, Professor David Sharp, and Dr Allison Sekuler.

  • Global dialogue on prevention

    Tuesday 9 February 2021


    Co-chaired by Professor Kaarin Anstey and Professor Philippe Amouyel, this global dialogue examined the evidence base for dementia prevention programmes and some of the current research happening in the field, prevention programmes and their practical implementation, as well as some of the lessons from other public health initiatives. Professor Carol Brayne, Dr Michele Cecchini and Dr Yoshiki Niimi presented their thinking ahead of an open discussion.

  • Global dialogue on care

    Friday 5 February 2021


    Co-chaired by Professor Brian Lawlor and Paul Hogan, this global dialogue covered progress made in the field of care and the challenges that remain, exploring models of care, the burden of caregivers, and art and music in dementia. Professor Felicity Barker, Professor Louise Robinson, Professor Mary Sano and Dr Samir Sinha presented their thinking ahead of an open discussion.

  • Global dialogue on biomarkers and treatments

    Wednesday 18 November 2020


    Co-chaired by Dr Maria Carrillo and Professor Philip Scheltens, this global dialogue covered two themes selected based on their importance in the field: early detection and biomarkers; and advances in treatment. Speakers included Professor Oskar Hansson, Dr Cath Mummery, Dr Eric Siemers and Professor Reisa Sperling.